Lawyers Not Displaying in Google Local Services Ads (LSA)


Staff member
Throughout 2022 I have seen a ton of law firms not suddenly stop receiving leads via Google's Local Services Ads (LSA) platform.

The problem is their algorithm.

Of course, there are several valid reasons this could occur:
  • Not answering phone (this decreases "ad rank")
  • Increased competition
  • Competitors with more / newer / better reviews
However, several attorney's ads simply will not display no matter what they try.

If you call LSA support, they'll deflect the issue and make you think you're doing something wrong. Common tactics used by LSA support include:
  • Budget
  • Selecting Max Bid
  • Asking attorneys to add more pictures
  • Blaming review count
This is very frustrating, especially since spam, fake locations and lead gen operations often dominate in some areas and Google refuses to remove the spam.

I wrote up a detailed article about this here: Law Firms Not Getting Leads in Google Local Services Ads.

If your law firm is not showing up in the top 3 in "Google Screened" (or in the top 100), I suggest you check it out.