Spam in Google's Local Services Ads and Google Screened in California


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In 2022 there has been a huge uptick in spam in Local Services Ads. This results in the "Google Screened" section of a search results page to be filled with attorneys who do not practice in our area.

I've called LSA tech support and they just say that they have been vetted properly. However, this doesn't make sense as most of the associated Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) listings no longer exist.

What can we do to stop Google from displaying all of this spam in Google Screened? Most of the spam is coming from one single law firm.

I know precisely what you're talking about. As of April 2022, there is a tremendous amount of spam in LSAs, especially in California. Some has spilled over into Las Vegas and Phoenix, AZ as well.

I just wrote about this here: Local Services Ads not displaying in April 2022. In that article I point out 3 issues:
1. Flaws in LSA's system which allow attorneys with suspended GMB profiles to keep their LSAs running.
2. Spam in LSAs. In some CA cities there are 60 - 80 spam listings out of every 100 spots in Google Screened.
3. LSA support reps who don't understand what's happening.

I can not post details here yet but I can assure you that I have spoken to a variety of people about this and (eventually) action will be taken. I know that sounds vague but you'll have to trust me on this one.

I'll post to this forum as soon as I know more!