Should Law Firms use "Reserve with Google"?


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One of our attorneys received a very bizarre and ridiculous email today (surprise, surprise). The spammer was pitching "reserve with Google" for lawyers as a hot new marketing tool.

It's not.

  • "Reserve with Google" is for restaurants
  • Hotels used to use it, but Google is slowly getting rid of the feature
  • It's been around since 2016
  • If your restaurant has a compatible Point of Sale system, you can get a little "reserve now" box to display on your Google My Business / Google Business Page profile.
As always, the cold email was garbage.

Here's what it said. Nothing here is true:

With this new offer, "Reserve with Google," you only pay when someone books an appointment on your calendar through your ad.

For personal injury attorneys, no one in Sacramento is doing it yet.

If you let me know how many scheduled appointments you would like to have each week, I can show you what your monthly budget would be for your market.

If you prefer, grab a time on my CSO's calendar below that works for you and you both can go from there.

I don't know if "Hannah" is ignorant or a scammer.. but.. Beware.