A law firm in our area keeps posting fake reviews

Adrienne Moore

New member
A law firm in our area drips reviews onto their profile. They seem to obtain around 50 new reviews each month. It appears that Google deletes them every couple of months, and they go back to about a dozen or two reviews, but then the process starts again. Is there anything that can be done?
Hi Adrienne,

This can be a tough one.

To start, I would suggest creating a listing containing all of the fake reviews. You'll need to prove to Google that they're fake. For example, it's common for fake review profiles to all review the same places. It's unnatural for 50 people in a month which all review the same 3 business listings for example. If you can connect the dots to show Google that they're fake you'll have a better chance of getting them removed.

Once you create a list of reviews (with proof that they're fake) you can contact Google Business Profile support here. Make sure to be clear about why you believe the reviews are fake. Google will investigate and depending on what they find they may remove the fake reviews.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.