Yelp isn't showing all of our law firm's reviews


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We have several 5 star reviews, but Yelp is not showing about a third of them. They do show up in the "not recommended" section on our page, but literally nobody is going to scroll that far down to see these reviews. Why is Yelp throttling these reviews? Can I pay them to display them?
I wrote about this here: Why attorneys are losing Yelp reviews and was also interviewed by Bloomberg here about this.

Rest assured, Yelp is not extorting you, this is just how their algorithm works. If you had less 5 star reviews you'd keep more of them. It's a long story, but it's the algorithm. And no, nobody likes it. The review filter just runs across the board across all businesses and the way the filter behaves should work differently for attorneys than it does for hamburger joints. But, it doesn't...

In short, attorney reviews are most often hidden because:
  • Too many 5 star reviews
  • Reviewers haven't left enough reviews