What determines how attorneys rank in Google Screened?


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I understand that Google rotates lawyer's ads in and out of the Google Screened section, but with no way to outbid competitors, how exactly does this work? Currently, several spam listings are displaying.
There are some known factors which determine which attorneys display in the "Google Screened" section, or more specifically, the top 3 positions.

They are
  • User proximity. How close a potential client is to your law firm.
  • Review Count. This is not extremely important, however recent reviews and a good review count is always a good thing to have.
  • Review Score. Law firms with a higher review score might display more frequently than a firm with a lower score.
  • Response Rate. Be sure all calls are answered by a human.
  • Business Hours.
  • Budget.
  • “Maximize Leads” vs “Max Per Lead”.
  • LSA Reviews. An LSA rep once informed me that this is a factor, however, I have been misinformed by them multiple times.
Please refer to my article Google Local Services Ads Ranking Algorithm for Attorneys.

It's important to note that the top positions are rotated in and out in saturated cities.